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Moves to decriminalise abortion in NSW

As you may be aware there are currently two bills before the New South Wales parliament seeking to decriminalise abortion and to create so called “safe zones” around the clinics.

Abortion is very harmful to women and children. These new laws being proposed will add to the existing problem of abortion and will do nothing to address the needs of vulnerable pregnant women.

I would greatly appreciate if you could promote the signing of a petition by concerned citizens over the next few days. These bills may be debated and voted on in the next few weeks.

The petition can be downloaded here: NSW Abortion Law Petition

Greg Donnelly MLC will table the petition in parliament.

Please note the following conditions and post the completed petitions to him:

  1. The petition pages must not be photocopied back to back. Signatures must be collected on single sided pages.
  2. Only original petitions, not copies, can be tabled in the Legislative Council
  3. Forward completed petitions on Monday 1/5/17 or as soon as possible to:

The Hon. Greg Donnelly MLC
Member of the Legislative Council
Parliament of New South Wales
Macquarie Street

N.B. Do not send the petitions by facsimile or by email. Only originals can be tabled in the House.

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