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National Month of Prayer & Fasting for Families-October 2017

National Month of Prayer & Fasting for Families poster low resThe Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council (ACMFC), a Council of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, produced great resources: posters, prayers, bulletin notices, information and social media graphics that will provide parishes, schools and community groups with many opportunities to raise awareness for the Nationwide Month of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Families in October..

The resources can be used from next weekend since it is the 30th Sep/1st Oct and can be accessed via the following Dropbox link: http://bit.ly/PrayerFasting2017

Prayer & fasting are very important at this time, for marriage to remain between a man and woman.

The resources include:

– A short video (approx. 2 minutes) designed for use in parishes and schools https://youtu.be/wKCRoXd3i6k

– Letter from Bishop Michael Kennedy, Bishop Delegate for Marriage & Family

– A parish checklist with guidelines of how to use the resources

– A prayer of the Faithful and Bulletin Clip for each Sunday in October

– Posters: one main one and others having the different prayers and themes on them…

– Social media: Facebook & Instagram banners

– A statement from a couple from ACMFC


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