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Men, Women & the Mystery of love

October 27, 2017

Report written by Karin Abrams, Coordinator Marriage Education Support and Enrichment  in the Life, Marriage & Family Office, Diocese of Parramatta MEN, WOMEN AND THE MYSTERY OF LOVE Guest Speaker: Dr Edward Sri The 2017 Faith in Marriage Seminar 8th September 2017 Dr Edward Sri, a theologian, author and well known Catholic speaker from the Augustine… Read More ›

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Pre- Marriage Preparation The Parramatta Diocese offers two marriage preparation programs for couples, A weekend course An individualised Prepare Enrich inventory with face to face feedback sessions Both preparations are designed to strengthen and enrich your relationship and work on building a rewarding life together. Both preparations offer couple activities designed to explore your relationship… Read More ›

Theology of the Body Retreat with Fr Thomas Loya – Mt Schoenstatt

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Aussie couple tell of their joys and fears about marriage while almost speechless in front of the Pope

AUSTRALIAN couple Camillus O’Kane and Kelly Walsh were almost speechless when they spoke to Pope Francis — but when the words came out they had a powerful message. Mr O’Kane, 29, of Yarrawonga in Victoria, and Ms Walsh, 33, of Grong Grong in NSW, were lucky enough to be invited to meet the Holy Father… Read More ›

‘Made for Each Other’ Youth Day a great success

On the Feast of the Assumption, August 15, around 20 young people from around Parramatta Diocese and beyond gathered at the Institute for Mission in Blacktown to take part in Made For Each Other, a day-long seminar focussed on the complementarity of man and woman. The day was centred on six short films from the… Read More ›

Being Single and Happy!

‘You’re single?! What’s wrong with you?’ this phrase seems to echo in society to people who are single. The thought of being single in today’s world is unheard of, especially when one reaches a certain age that unless they are a consecrated person, they are ‘expected’ by society to be in a relationship. Being single… Read More ›


Dating is very common in today’s western cultures. In high school, many students consider dating as ‘cool’, if one is over a certain age and they are not dating or married, friends or family take it upon themselves to try and ‘set them up’ with someone. Internet dating is common and yet, dating hasn’t always been… Read More ›


After the question: ‘Will you marry me?’ is popped and the answer is given in the positive, you are considered as engaged! This is called as the engagement period. Being engaged is an exciting time and it is a step closer to solidifying the relationship in marriage.  During this time, the couple that are going… Read More ›

Is marriage a vacation from a vocation?

In the Catholic tradition, most discussion about vocations tends to be focussed on priests, brothers or nuns. It is commonly thought that the path to holiness is via poverty, chastity and obedience. As for those who get married, they should worry about the ordinary, messy stuff of life such as earning money, paying bills, changing… Read More ›